Using Floor Lamps for Creative Decor

Floor Lamps & Accent Lighting

When it comes to setting up the mood in any room in your house the appearance and setting of lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. The kind of lighting you choose depends your personal creativity and needs. While ceiling lights and desk or table lamps usually serve a specific purpose like illuminating a room or workspace, floor lamps are typically used to decorate a room or accent features. Floor lamps let you express your creativity and imagnination. The design possibilities are truly endless. So with that in mind, let’s look at some of the design ideas.

Antique lamps & Lighting

Considering an antique decor in your home? Lamps are a great place to start. Antique lamps can bring out the warmth, elegance, and beauty of your living space. Though you can certainly seek out authentic antique lighting, many manufacturers now incorporate an antique look in their product lines.

Features such as stained glass lampshades, brass or satin finishes, and engraved or etched details are common in an antique motif.

Artistic & One of A Kind Lamps

Floor lamps can also give you a chance to express your artistic side. Floor lamps can be standing works of art with carved wood features, custom metal or glass designs, and of course endless opportunities for color and patterns in lampshade. Floor lamps can truly be a unique one of a kind feature within your decor.

Set the mood with floor lamps

Floor lamps are a great selection for mood lighting too, be it romance or relaxation in the office, home, or bedroom. Turn your imagination loose. Perhaps a Victorian street lamp with burnt orange panels to add a spark of yesteryear ambiance to your room. Or maybe a cool green glass shade and standing corner lamp to illuminate your favorite reading spot. Floor lamps are truly versatile and offer a simple and inexpensive way to change the character of any room.

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