Specialty Lighting for Special Needs

Specialty Lighting for Special Needs

In the average home, you typically have average lights: desk lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling fixtures. But, there are other lights you can use to bring a special highlight to certain areas of your home. So, letís look at some of them.

Recessed Lights

As their name implies, these are lights that are recessed ñ usually in the ceiling ñ and provide a direct light on a specific area of a room. They can be great for mood lighting, and when attached to a dimmer switch you can soften the light to provide a gentle glow to any room.

Small Spots

For years, spot lights have been a fixture of the live theatre. For lovers of movies and stage, small lights ñ what became known as Baby Spots ñ became quite popular as a decoration, both on their own, and as a means of illuminating posters and other forms of memorabilia. In recent years, the advent of halogen and other miniature light bulbs has allowed light fixtures to get smaller and smaller. Now you can even get micro baby spots that allow you to highlight small features in a room.

Track Lighting

This type of lighting goes hand in hand with the newer types of fixtures ñ the small halogen lights and other small ones ñ as theyíre small, light weight, and the fixtures can be set up to illuminate different areas of a room. As an example, instead of an old fashion fluorescent light in the kitchen, you can install track lights that will compliment a modern style kitchen. Depending on the configuration of the track, and the layout of your kitchen, you can aim individual lights to highlight different areas.

Canister Lights

These are essentially the opposite of recessed lights; they allow you to make a lighting fixture very prominent, and aim a beam of light at a specific area. Much like recessed and track lights, they can highlight an area of a room, and be put on a dimmer switch so that their beam isnít too bright and harsh.

Given the large variety of specialty lights available, you can always find the right sort of lighting for any needs you have.

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