Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

How to Install Recessed Ceiling Box Lighting

Exterior Lighting Fixtures

Exterior lighting is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to raise your homes curb appeal and at the same time add outdoor living spaces for your enjoyment.


Common Canister Lighting

Exterior lights need to be waterproof and rugged to hold up to the changing environment, after all, the weather can be an issue, so you don’t want the fixtures to create a hazard. There are a variety of styles, most popular are canister style fixtures that stake into the ground and have flexible joints for aiming the lights. These types of fixtures use underground wiring and may require either DC or AC voltage. Typically lights are wired to a timer to automate when they come on or off, but often they are also wired directly to a switch within your home for manual operation. If this is a DIY project, make sure you contact your local utility company first to identify any underground lines in your yard. If you have a sprinkler system, you’ll want to contact your service provider to locate water lines as well.

Outdoor LED Lighting

An excellent choice for adding outdoor lighting to living paces, without expending a great deal of effort or money, is LED lighting fixtures. LED lighting comes in a variety of designs, some are battery or solar powered and others require connection to your homes electrical system. They are waterproof and come in all shapes and sizes. Another advantage of LED lighting is it’s available in a variety of colors making them ideal for all types of festive occasions.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

There are many solar powered options available for outdoor lighting designs. Some of these designs are individually powered with integrated solar cells. They store up power during the day and automatically switch on at night and run until they expend their power. In general solar power outdoor lights do not very bright. They are best suited to define walk ways and paths, or decking steps and railing.

Best Lighting To Repel Insects

Many people don’t realize you can change the type of lighting used out doors to reduce the insects drawn to them. Most insects are drawn to the infrared light put out by standard incandescent light bulbs. But there are both incandescent, florescent, and LED lighting color choices that do not attract insects. LED lighting in particular is a great choice to reduce those outdoor pests.

No matter what types of lighting fixtures you use in your yard, there are plenty to choose from to create just the right lighting scheme. Preview Article


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