How To Keep Your Kitchen Lighting Project On Budget

How To Keep Your Kitchen Lighting Project On Budget

Renovating and upgrading your kitchen need not be a budget strainer, especially your lighting plan. You can make your kitchen look contemporary, yet keep your expenses for lighting, fixtures and an impressive range at a minimum. In an effort to reduce expenses, you might have ignored lighting, which is a big mistake. Lighting is one of the elements of design, and your home dÈcor wonít be complete without some proper lighting to bring your kitchen alive. The good news is that you can have an affordable plan that wonít strain you or your budget. Here are some simple and comprehensive tips that you can follow to add style to your kitchen at affordable prices:

Use multiple task fixtures. Try using the layer technique for your kitchen lighting. These layers, experts say, represent the functions that lighting performs in the kitchen.

Ambient layer, which looks at the general overhead lighting. Itís just a basic ìwashî of light to illuminate the room.

The task layer. As you might have noticed, ambient lighting on its own wonít provide enough illumination for the certain and specific tasks or activities you want to perform. As a result youíll have to place a light (or lights) to deal with these specific problems. For instance, cabinet lighting or have a light over the sink area.

The focal layer. This type of layer is used to bring specific focus to areas where you want to lure peopleís attention. Examples of these areas are paintings, architectural details and so on.

The decorative layer. This type of light is for decorative purposes and is something you can have fun doing it.

With these four layers in mind, try to buy lighting products that perform all these four functions at once, as this will save you money, and wonít strain your renovating budget. You can also try monorail lighting, which is a chic version of traditional track lighting that allows you to have different lights on one long curving track.

Another way you can get affordable lighting for your kitchen is to try mid-level tasking. This is also a way to do something that is interesting for your kitchen without additional costs. Get mid-zone lighting by using halogen fixtures that are already made. Attach these to the bottom of your range or your cabinets, turn the lights on, and enjoy the feeling that you have gotten yourself a whole new kitchen ñ yet all youíve done is change the lighting scheme.

If you want to find the right lighting for your kitchen without feeling the pinch of the cost, youíre going to have to budget some time on the project. You have to shop around until you find the right fixtures at the right price. You can also try surfing the internet. Visit online bargain dealers and well-known stores like eBay and compare prices. Donít be swayed by some of the great styles you may see there, think within your budget, and stay there.

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