How to Install Recessed Ceiling Box Lighting

How to Install Recessed Ceiling Box Lighting

Looking for some basic DIY instructions for installing recessed lighting? Here are some general guidelines.

Selecting The Location for Recessed Lighting

Selecting the location for the recessed boxes is key. Thank about their purpose. Are the for general purpose lighting, or will they serve as accent lighting? Use a chalk marker to mark thier placement, if you make a mistake chalk is easier to remove.

Recessed Lighting Installation Tips

Use a hammer to make an inspection hole in the ceiling to monitor the location of wires. A small hole punch such as this is easily patched. Use a reciprocal saw to cut out the opening using the rafters as a guide. Optionally you can purchase a large hole saw, specifically designed for canned lighting, that will mount on your power drill. If possible, have someone in the attic to watch you as you cu to avoid cutting wires or conduit.

Place a frame at the ends of the two rafters. The centre plate is the one that will hold the load. The drywall should then be removed in order for you to complete the rough opening. This process should then also be done on the second beam.

A hammer can then be used, in some cases, to get rid of the cross beams, if this seems necessary to you. A double header can be placed right at the ends of the drywall so as to take care of the load that was supported by the beams that have been removed. An experienced electrician should then be brought in to install the cables for the new areas of the box.

Take the birch plywood and make measurements on it so as to fit for the boxes; the sizes of the plywood can then be cut with the use of a table saw. Make measurements and mark the sports where the lights will be installed in the new boxes. Use a cutting device to cut out the holes for the lights, a maximum of three holes in each box will do. Place the can lights right above the boxes. The boxes will be fitted inside the rafters of the ceiling.

Install The Recessed Lighting Boxes

You are now ready to place the boxes within the opening of the rough wall. Use fine grit sand paper to smooth the edges of the boxes. Paint the ceiling and the boxes to complete the task.

And that’s it; when the paint has dried completely, you can then fit the lights inside the recessed light boxes.


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