How to Choose Lighting to Complement Your Decor

Choosing Lighting to Complement Your Decor

It can take a lot of effort to turn your home into a show piece. Not just the architecture, but the furnishings, flooring, and accents like draperies and artwork. Most home owners invest heavily in their home decor. However, they often overlook on of the most important aspects of home decor: lighting. The right lighting creates a sense of warmth and appeal, poor lighting can make your home look depressing and uninviting.

Each Room Has It’s Own Lighting Needs

So where do you begin? Each area of your home can have its own lighting style and needs. The best approach is to consider the three types of lighting: task home lighting, general home lighting, and accent home lighting to create warm and an inviting feeling. You’ll want to put a lot of thought into how you use each area of your home and the type of lighting that most appropriately fits that use. Lamps can be are a great choice for any of the lighting types. They are inexpensive, do not require installation, are portable, and are available in an endless range of styles and designs

Lamps Are Great Choices for Decor Lighting

Before choosing a lamp, determine it’s purpose. Will it function as task lighting or general purpose lighting? If used for accent lighting you will need to take into account the existing decor. Although floor lamps are useful for task lighting, they are ideal for accent lighting. Floor lamps might even be furniture or art, owing to their ‘stand alone’ character. Carved wooden features or intricate metal work can transform a floor lamp into art and the focus of a room.

Placement of Task Lighting or Accent Lighting

Once you select a lamp that suites your style and budget, the next decision is placement. The placement of task lighting is typically dictated by the furnishing they support, but placement of accent lighting can be more difficult. Is the purpose to accent a feature of a room, or is the lamp the focus of the room itself? The beauty of using lamps to complement your decor is that they are flexible in style and use. If you decide they don’t complement a particular room, you can always move it to another.


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