Create the Right Mood with Lighting

Create the Right Mood with Lighting

The creative use of lighting can create the illusion of more space and beauty in an otherwise dull small room. Proper lighting can create warmth, depth and interest if done in the right way. Conversely, done in the wrong way, lighting can make a room feel uncomfortable and uninviting. Here are some tips from the experts for creative use of lighting.

Lighting Design For Low Ceilings

When choosing lighting fixtures for a ceiling consider the height of the room and any built in features. For high ceiling, a chandelier will make a statement, but for low ceilings a chandelier will make the room feel crowded and cramped. Instead, for low ceiling use a mix of recessed lighting fixtures, wall lamps or sconces, and table lamps.

User Dimmer Switches

The use of dimmer switches allow you to adjust lighting to suit your mood. You may want brighter lighting to dress yourself or prepare for a night out, but less illumination for reading or relaxing in bed. The use of dimmer switches can stretch your budget since they extend the versatility of lighting requiring fewer fixtures. You might even consider a remote control for your dimmer switches, they are inexpensive and quite convenient.

Use Spot Lighting to Highlight

Use directional, or spot, lighting when you have features you want to draw attention to, such as architectual features, or accessories such as artwork. Position the spot light to lead the eye to the object or focal point. You could use small discreet spotlights to highlight a small piece, though it may draw too much attention away from the rest of the room.

Avoid Dark Colors When Possible

Dark color absorb light, so the darker you paint a room, the less effective your lighting will be.   All though it can be an effective design for small spaces with window lighting, as in this example from  Changing sunlight throughout the day creates changing features and textures making the space more interesting.


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