Choosing Lighting To Create The Right Effect

Choosing Lighting To Create the Right Effect

Lighting is a principle component of design and a good designer will recognize this and take it into account at the beginning of any project. You can spend a mountain of money on furnishings, flooring, and accessories, but if you have not considered the impact of lighting on the mood and character of a room, your creation will fall short of perfection. Proper lighting can create warm and appeal if done properly. Don improperly and your living space my feel gloomy, depressing, even irritating.

Combine Floor Lamps & Table Lamps

Professional designers understand how to use light to accent a homes features, bringing humdrum spaces to life. One of the best ways to do this is to use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and even recessed accent lighting. The great thing about lamps is that they are mobile, and can be repositioned in rooms, or moved from room to room to constantly change up your decor. They are a great investment. And of course, you may use them selectively to illuminate small areas and not entire rooms, making them economical too. You can even use lamps to focus attention away from less desirable ares of a rooms features.

Selecting Lighting Fixtures For Home Decor

Before investing in new lamps, ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Is it utilitarian, e.g. illuminating work or reading spaces? Are you looking to create an ambiance or accent room features? Asking yourself these questions will help determine the type of lighting, e.g. floor lamps, desk or table lamps, lighting color, temperature, and brightness.


Lighting Styles & Design

Now ask yourself about your style. Does contemporary or chic appeal to you? Perhaps vintage or maybe even rustic? What about materials? Brass? Wood? Modern plastics? Most lighting manufacturers offer product lines in virtually any style.

Up Lighting, Spot Lighting, Diffuse Lighting?

Next, consider the illumination a lamp will cast. New materials and technologies give you a considerable range of choices. LED lighting for example has opened up a whole new style of lighting in a full spectrum of colors. Do you need spot lighting? Diffused Lighting? Up lighting?

DIY Lighting Tips

Asking yourself these questions and jotting them down before making that trip to the local home improvement store will help make your DIY home lighting project a success and bring it in under your budget.


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